Men’s genuine leather wallet, handmade and hand-painted.
Unique design with C.P. Cavafy’s portrait & verses.

We will be glad to customize it for you.
It’s a great gift for a friend.

(bi fold)12,8 x 9,6cm

It consists of:

9 card slots(pic2&4)
3 cases for banknotes(pic.5)-1 of which with zipper
2 small transparent slots for small photos(pic.4)
2 larger transparent slots (e.g.for ID)(pic.4)
1 coin holder (pic.2,3,4)
1 hidden slot behind the coin holder

We will be glad to customise it and a name, date…

Verses written:

As you set out for Ithaca
Hope the voyage is a long one
full of adventure
full of discovery


Have Ithaca always in your mind
Your arrival there is what you are destined for
But don’t in the least hurry the journey

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Additional information

Dimensions12.8 × 9.6 cm


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