About us

Creation is our life!

It all started when our creations surpassed the limits of family and friends.

Having both lived in families with creative and talented parents, we couldn’t have been different. Being a teacher of foreign languages (Evaggelia) and a civil engineer (Tasos) was just not enough to balance our common life. Experimenting with lots of different materials, having followed artistic seminars and lessons of painting for years, we have decided it was time to extrovert our combined artistic restlessness exercised since childhood.

We merged our creativity along with our lives and after having our two lovely children, here is our third: our shop! Our children contribute to our crafts by inspiring us, sharing their ideas with us or just expressing their strict opinion about our creations!

Our ambition is to embellish your lives just as we have done with our friends’ who encouraged us with the etsy shop idea. Adding colours, meaningful messages and inspiration gives routine freshness and reminds us of our purpose on earth: to love, create and focus on our dreams.

Just as we do…